Monday, December 8, 2008

RACISTS. god. people can be so horrible.

Okay, so Manny won the fight against Dela Hoya and I was surprised on how big Manny's fan base has expanded all over the globe. So, I went on YouTube and browsed through his vids, and to my intense and most upsetting surprse, most of the comments were derogatory and racial slurs against Filipinos. Someone called us "monkeys," another said "sorry excuse of a race," and other horrendous comments you can possibly imagine.

And I'm not naive enough to think that racism is dead. But it upset so much because here I was, celebrating Filipino pride because of Manny's win, when people thought it was acceptable to bring down an entire race. To even consider saying on YouTube that we should go back to climbing coconut trees. I thought we were past that. You know, being the 21st century and all. I mean, have you heard of anyone complain when we see so many beautiful people? And are we not surprised anymore to discover in this day that they look like that because their parents had interracial marriages? Alexa Chung. Halle Berry. Alicia Keys. Kristin Kreuk. Kate Beckinsale is a quarter Burmese. God. Even the president Americans voted for is biracial. I thought we were moving along great. I guess I was wrong. VERY VERY WRONG. And the disappointment I feel is so intense that I am more inclined to think that the world is doomed. I was not even offended when someone called us midgets. Sticks and stones. We are a generally short race and we accept that.

Furthermore, I would have accepted criticism on Manny alone as an athlete. That is always the downside of sports. The competitive drive can bring out the worst in us, but it's no big deal. But they went beyond that and had the nerve to call MY race inferior. The last time massive thinking like this happened, the holocaust happened. DON'T WE EVER LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES?

For my part, sure, I indulged on the "dela homo" comments, but at least for me, it was all for fun and games. I wasn't serious about it, and behind the fun, I respect Dela Hoya's character as a boxer, person, and as a Mexican. Not once was I inclined to attack his race or his background, and even challenge all Mexicans in general. And looking back, not once did I even see a comment by a Filipino include any kind of racial slur...

So the question that is on my mind is, how come racism still exists? Why can't people just want to try and get along? Why do we always have to want to bring each other down?

Fuck. This is has upset me so much that they made me cry. Where is my 'Boy Meets World' dvd? I need some Cory Matthews to make me feel better. I hate bullies. I hope they all snuff it. Boo.


onomatopoeia said...

Aww I'm sorry to hear you got upset :(
Seriously, the hateful ignorance some people show is truly disgusting. I guess racism has a lot to do with people feeling uncomfortable about who they are themselves and lashing out on others seems to be the 'easiest' way for them to deal with (or should I say ignore) these insecurities..

poeta fit, non nascitur said...

thanks soir de fete.

M said...

reading this made me disgusted by people's reaction to the whole thing. i know that when people become competitive they say things mocking other, i must say i too have taken part in things like that but to put down an entire race, is just sickening.

hopefully as time goes on we can all look beyond race, color, sexuality and all these things they try to put us in a hierarchy and learn to appreciate and learn from one another.

on a brighter note, i was so excited that Pacquiao won. pinoy pride! =D

poeta fit, non nascitur said...

Yup! Pinoy pride definitely!

Just don't go to YouTube. The things people said can get even the nicest person's blood boiling. said...

It cannot have effect in reality, that is what I think.