Monday, September 15, 2008

Sunny Monday :D

After days of rain and cloudy skies, today was everything sunshine. The air was clean, the sky was blue dotted with wispy clouds. Although the heat was the typical, unbearable, humid kind of heat, seeing the sun definitely made it all worthwhile, and there was the occasional refreshing breeze so it was okay.

I think Manila was at its best today. Even the pollution seemed to think that it shouldn't mess with the picture perfect, high quality resolution of the city. I felt as though I could have shook hands with everyone I met at the street while dancing along with Leona Naess's Sunday Sunday.

I hope everyone had a broadway musical-like day like I did.

{Photos: Sienna Miller, Just Jared, The Sartorialist, Hayden-Harnett 's Prisila Dress,}

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kookie kulasa said...

NOW I know where you got the inspiration for the pose you were asking me to do when we were at High Street. Couldn't do it. Too conscious. Hahaha