Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Summer Lovin

Summer in the Philippines is basically this: hot. It's humid and stifling and walking even a short distance is a trial. The sun is always at its highest and the sky is at its bluest with only wisps of clouds here and there. So for Filipinos, we only have one thought during summer: the beach. The oasis and respite of the suffocating heat of the metro. But I think the best part of the summer months are the trees. All of them bloom and it's so fucking beautiful. Red, yellow, purple and red rain. When the wind blows, there is that rain. It rains flowers and it's so amazing. The yellow of the narra, the red spiky lychee-like bloom of the acacia, the flaming red of the fire tree and the colorful flowers of the kalachuchi. I think Filipinos don't get to notice this much and the metros sadly lack trees but it's there! And this year, summer is kind of different. It's cool. Still humid but sweating has been exponentially lessened. I hope summers are always like this. Sunny with cool winds and chilly nights. But summer is only beginning so let's hope I didn't speak too soon.

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