Saturday, November 8, 2008

i never understand my dreams.

most of the time i don't remember what i dream about. i would only have this awkward feeling when i wake up and try as i might to grapple on the images in my dream, they are like sand in my hands and only tiny bits remain.

i don't believe that dreams have any signficant meaning. maybe because the dreams i DO remember are just so silly and ridiculous. which comes to the point of this post. last night, or maybe this morning, (as the story lines in my dreams are so short, it feels like it only happened right before the moment i open my eyes), i dreamt about aliens. but before the aliens, i was checking my comments in this blog, and to my utter horror, one of my professors left one. and of course it was horrific to me since i'm still hiding from them, a product of a shameful thesis-related fiasco. the comment was so sweet and nice, she was asking me how i was, and telling me to come back and have a talk. it was so weird.

after that, the dream shifted to here, in my house, and an alien, who just happened to be inside zooey deschanel's body was in my room. she was not hostile, but since i knew she was an alien, she still scared the shit out of me of course! and the most ridiculous part of the dream was this - i discovered that i could put her off by sprinkling sugar on her. sugar? how terribly unimaginitive my subconscious is! anyway, so i got one of our sugar dispensers and started throwing some on her, and i remember feeling so stupid when i could have just removed the lid and tossed the entire contents on her. i don't even remember going for the sugar dispenser, it just magically appeared in my hand, i think. anyway..

there were other things in my dream which was just so ridiculous but too abstract and blurry to put into words.

maybe my dreams does mean something. maybe i'm clairvoyant and i just phrophesized the coming of aliens. they will inhabit the bodies of those people i admire and slowly colonize the earth. or we could be reasonable about this and consider my dreams to be utter failures of my subconscious to put together meaningful dreams.


my outfit for today. okay, so i don't have those chloe boots, but i have black pointy booties which will do and variants of the rest so yeah.

oversized t-shirt kind of gal:D by poeta fit, non nascitur


Andy said...

i love the red chanel bag.
new post on my blog

kookie kulasa said...

what??? who left you a comment?? uh...awkward.

I love the bag and the ring :)

coco said...

I love the Chanel bag.

Couture Carrie said...

Love your new banner and your collage, esp. that amazing ring!


Betsey said...

so so cute!
im very jealous of the bag
and those boots are AMAZING! said...

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