Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A new blog to love!!

I have found another blog to love! Seriously, she is a source of wonderful art and design and fashion of so many other people. I found myself clicking on older posts and older posts and older posts because the loveliness goes on page after page!

Hiroshi Nakamura & Nap Co., Ltd.

Made from broken umbrellas:

Wordplay Cushions. Stephen Reed + Alistair Willmott:

Tiago Da Foseca:

All this loveliness came from scrapbook.


coco said...

All those bookshelves look amazing.

luyi said...

Thanks for leaving me a comment.

I think I'm just overwhelmed.

it's nice of you to care about me.


Rick said...

gosh, these are so cool! wish they had these kinda stuff in Our Home or Dimensione or Ikea Singapore. lovely idea and creatively executed


Those bookshelves are amazing. I want something like that when I've collected an insane amount of books!

poeta fit, non nascitur said...

Coco: Yes. So amazing that I just had to post those pictures in my blog.

Luyi: It was nothing dear. You just sounded so sad back there.

Rick: I agree. But then, those bookshelves were custom made by a Japanese architect. There are tons of craftsmen shops all over QC who will be more than happy to copy furniture for you.

Alphabetical: Me too! I have all the books, but don't have the space for the bookshelves. Books, indeed, are the best beautifier of a home, don't you agree?

The Clothes Horse said...

I want those sheets!

poeta fit, non nascitur said...

The Clothes Horse: I want those sheets too! And how cool would it be if they could customize the sheets with your favorite excerpts. Every night you can go to sleep covered with your favorite stories. :D

Anonymous said...

wow they all look so lovely!<3 i want those cushions<3