Thursday, November 27, 2008

twilight movie review. gimme a moment to be mean.

just came home from watching the movie. one word = ick. enough said.

any thoughts you'd like to share?

and don't even get me started with jacob and that hair! gawd.


The Stiletto Effect said...

Didn't see it, so... no comments!

Susanna-Cole said...

I haven't read the books or seen the movie, so sadly I have no comments or opinions to add. ;)


P.S. Funny the word verifcation for this post is "hyper"... hm, I'm not really hyper today though! :P

Timmy Sy Ang said... this gf.. before... too late... and i have to sit through this movie.

then again, payback for taking her to watch burn after reading.

poeta fit, non nascitur said...

rawrr i was hoping to read some other scathing reviews as well. too bad.

timmy: yes, escape while you still can!! but then, if you're gf really wants to see it, then i wish you god speed.

katie said...

Since I'm out of the manila circulation and clueless of what's in and what's not in Pinas, I am totally spared from this twighlight rave. Thanks my dear for making me feel that I haven't missed much. Haha!

coffee said...

seems likely that they will come out with a Twilight sequel pretty soon, there's a crazy lot of ticket sales at stake