Friday, November 7, 2008

Czarina Villa <3 and new polyvore set

Young filipino fashion designer, Czarina Villa emailed me wonderful photos of her recent fashion show :D thanks Cza for entrusting them to me!

Ironic twist that I discovered her through Sea of Shoes. I fell in love completely with her rust colored, one-sleeved design for Sea of Shoes' mother.


My favorite is the pink ensemble, third to the last photo. :D

"A collection aptly entitled "DREAM SPROUTS", I was inspired by my yo-yo circle placemat project back in 4th grade. It is a very girly collection embellished with dreamy circlettes and origami squares--all in pastels."


kookie kulasa said...

both Chanel and LV are great...but...I'd have to go with Chanel :)

the healthy ghost said...

I love your Polyvore I also do them