Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ashley Olsen mini photo spamage Part 1

Sewing classes are progressing wonderfully. My skirt is about done and I'm feeling really pleased with myself. :D I'll post pictures once I'm done with the waist part as tomorrow I'm about to run the zipper under the sewing machine, which I still fear.

In the meantime, Ashley Olsen photo spamage! Nothing is more glorious than photo spamage!

Most of the time it's more of Mary Kate who gets the spotlight when it comes to fashion, and I dig that. But I also like the simpler and more elegant styling of Ashley, while Mary Kate is grunge and deconstructed.

This is an old photoshoot with Marie Claire, but this is my blog and I can post anything I want! Right? hihi.

(Oh beware of these pix, they are EXTREMELY hi-res. so download can take forever.)


Tuesdai Noelle said...

I'm usually NOT a fan of the fashions that the Oslens feature always seems; raggedy and unappealing MOST of the time. However, I do find these fashions in the last 4 photos; cute and stylish. It's about time, at least in my eyes :o)

Though, I don't necessarily consider myself a "fashion designer", I too design clothes; denim. Check me out;

Look forward to seeing some of your fashions too :o)

poeta fit, non nascitur said...

It's always upsetting when I meet people who can't understand the fashion of the Olsen twins. I guess, to each her own.

Anonymous said...

I really like her style :> she is too damn pretty...