Wednesday, October 22, 2008

August 8, 2007, 3:15 pm, Coffee shop, classes suspended due to heavy rains

~To that guy who made my heart skip~

We don't know each other that's for sure, but in that brief instant when our eyes met my heart made an uncharacteristic lurch. Tall, foreign looking, with damp and messy hair from the rain. The glass panes dividing us seemed to dissolve away. Who you are, where you're from, the indistinct and stupid details that compose our lives made me wonder about yours.

It was silly ten seconds of my life that I'll store in my little box of treasures in my heart. I can't believe you swept me off my feet. Gosh, how I'll always wonder. And to appease my soul I'll pretend that we know each other.

You entered the coffee shop where I sat. We drank ice blended coffees together. We talked about the endless pour of rain and chattered about the innocuous details of our lives.

And since my heart has a literary turn, let us continue on pretending and imagine that you are going away forever. It was to be our last chance to be together. The moments we shared were bitter sweet, and as the sun sets, it was time for you to go. A simple hug. A peck on the cheek. Eyes restraining tears. We say our goodbyes. We take different cabs.

Sigh. How I wish reality was that romantic.

And to that guy who made my heart skip, wherever you are, I hope you're doing okay, and thanks.


Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey :o)

...thanks for checking out my blog :o). I see you LOVE the rain and HATE tardiness as I do.

Nice thoughts/story coming from this post; passionate, day dreamy, sweet and in-depth.

Hope your day is cool :o)

M said...

I really like this post, it is really sweet.
I think we all have had this moment once in our lives, dreaming of a stranger we only have seen for a brief moment =)