Friday, October 3, 2008

Dorian Barnes

Okay, I might have gone overboard on my blog update, but I have been time-sharing my laptop with my dad, which explains why I'm making full use of my laptop while I have it.

The thing is, I felt sorry for him since he's had two major disasters recently. Other than his laptop finally going to laptop heaven, his beloved cellphone got drenched, thus going R.I.P on him as well. So to distract him from the fact that I took a leave of absence from university for no reasonable reason, I voluntarily offered the services of my laptop for him. And also because he bought this for me, which makes him owner by the fact that his money purchased it kind of thing.

Anyway, I'm so happy that there is a Ben Barnes update. A video clip has come out for Dorian Gray, and Ben is just hilarious in it. Check it out in youtube.

And for those of you who have noticed the layout change, well, its because I'm finally transforming from CSS/HTML illiterate to a not-so-much. I'm finally getting the hang of wording my questions properly in google so that I get the proper help websites. Yay!

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