Friday, October 31, 2008

a night out in the town

my friend treated me out to dinner last night at a really nice italian restaurant. the night air was cool and comfortable so it was added pleasure to eat al fresco. i forgot the stuff we ordered, but they were delicious and i got a strawberry lemonde which they served in a tankard sized glass. for a small person like me, it's kinda difficult maneuvering around oversized objects.

anyway, it's not too often that nights are so pleasantly breezy. i wish it was always like that. now i'm wondering what it would be like if it snows...

to add to the charm, christmas lights were everywhere! it was pretty and sparkly i felt like a kid with the delicious anticipation of gifts and family merriment. christmas is here again..


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kookie kulasa said...

hey, where are the other pictures? post them on multiply, or email them to me :) are you still going to edit the pictures?

Linnéa said...

LOVE your bracelet !! <3<3<3

Betsey said...

oh lovely
those bracelets are amazing!

d. said...

Those pictures are marvelous! I love Alexa Chung, I've been planning to do a post about her (keep an eye out for that haha :D)

♥ from a fellow blogger,