Sunday, October 26, 2008

Flushing and turning pale

My face is like a mirror and I hate it. And since I'm no medical student, I began wondering how reflective our face can be at times, in particular when we blush or when we blanch. It is amazing that when we're embarassed, our cheeks turn red (in my case, my entire face), or we turn pale when nervous. I've always kind of understood flushing but never the other way around.

Why do we turn pale with anxiety? Why does our face drain of blood so suddenly?

There must be some quirk in my brain that I don't find any logic to it. Of course we blush because the intensity of emotions rush blood to our faces and to divert flow from our brain, it flows to our cheeks. But what is the logical explanation of blanching? What purpose is it suppose to serve? I don't see any survival mechanism that explains why we turn pale when anxiety kicks in.

I hate it when I have questions and I can't find the answer. How simple would it be if we're just as all-knowing as God.

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Anonymous said...

according to :

the face turns white because the blood goes to more vital organs such as the heart and lung when one is in shock. If the issue is serious, one may faint.