Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gap Months

To explain my situation now, I took a leave of absence from grad school to do a bit of soul searching. I am actually pursuing my Master's Degree. (The time I started this blog was about the same time I filed for my LOA.) I was on the verge of depression because of my thesis and I thought it high time to take a break to breath in some fresh air. I think the fault lies on the fact that I went straight to grad school after college so consequently, burn out ensued. And because thesis writing is so exhausting and I think I deserve a gap year or gap months to be lazy. :D

Anyway, I am not that totally lazy. Now that I'm not doing anything and job hunting is such a tedious process, I am spending my time going to sewing classes. I am about to start on a skirt and my teacher, Ma'am Dulce (I am loving her name), is such a lovely old lady.

This is my own handwriting. And yes, it is horrible. Admittedly, I failed with flying colors in penmanship in grade school.

I'm still learning how to do patterns and I can't wait to buy my cloth!!

This is my mom's sewing box and it's taking me forever to untangle the threads.

At the same time, I'm absorbed in books and am reading mostly autobiographies and trying to fix my french, which has deteriorated so much. (Je parle un peu francais. C'est terrible. Je suis desolee). I am open for suggestions on good books I should read. :D Please, no stephenie meyer kind of books.


Couture Carrie said...

Good for you - I am taking a bit of "time off" right now as well; soul-searhcing is important!

I don't speak French but I admire those who do . . . Maybe you could brush up with some Moliere?


P.S. Love the Obama dress pictured below!

PrettyInBlack said...

It's better to take a break when you need it than to burn yourself out. Enjoy it.

My french is not that great either. I wish it was better. I really out to buy a book and re-teach myself.

The name Ma'am Dulce sounds like a character in a book. I love it!